ONMM Residency


What is your application deadline?

The application deadline for PGY2 positions filled through the NRMP Match is November 10.

What are the USMLE/COMLEX requirements?

We require an USMLE/COMLEX transcript be submitted as part of your application to be considered for interview selection. We have no preference between USMLE and COMLEX and will utilize the higher of the two scores when presented both. See below for more specific information on each step/level:

  • USMLE/COMLEX 1: Prefer passage by the second attempt
  • USMLE/COMLEX 2: USMLE cutoff range is between 215-219; COMLEX cutoff range is between 480-499

Our program considers examination scores in conjunction with other criteria such as course grades and faculty evaluations, rather than using test scores as the sole basis for interview decisions. Test scores are viewed as approximate rather than exact measures of medical knowledge and thus the above range is presented as a ballpark for eligibility.

What are graduation date requirements?

For our PGY2 class, we prefer candidates who are currently in their final year of medical school and scheduled to graduate on or before June 30. However, candidates who completed medical school within three (3) years of application are also considered.

Do you offer audition rotations to medical students or medical graduates?

If you are interested in an elective rotation in your third or fourth year of medical school email us at [email protected].

Do you require applicants to have U.S. clinical experience, externship, or observership?

Yes, we require all applicants to have some U.S. clinical experience present on their application.

Do you sponsor visas?

Our program does not sponsor visas at this time.

Who is Health Education Services?

Health Education Services (“HES”, ACGME ID: 470075) is the academic medicine arm of Community Health Systems, LLC and our Sponsoring Institution. Community Health Systems is the parent company of Lake Granbury Medical Center and many of the ambulatory settings in which residents train. Led by R. Jason Thurman, MD as DIO and Vice President of Graduate Medical Education, Health Education Services assures faculty, residents, and GME professionals are supported and maintain ACGME Accreditation.

Are there plans for additional residency programs at Lake Granbury Medical Center?

Yes! An ACGME Accreditation application is underway for a Family Medicine Residency Program. The program was chosen based on the needs of the Granbury, Texas community.

Can I email the program some questions specific to my application?

Sure, email us at [email protected].

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